Merry Christmas from Me

Been sitting here staring at that little blinkin’ cursor thing that I sometimes chase across the screen with blinding speed (well for two fingers, blinding…), trying to wax eloquent on some thought… I was going to talk in a personal vein about the remarkable year I have had, but this year wasn’t all about me. 

Foremost in my thoughts is most always friendship. I have relished making new friends, reveled in friends’ triumphs, agonized and prayed for friends in their struggles, been nurtured by the caring of good friends, and thanked the Lord for bringing friends into my life…. 

Well, shoot. I guess I went ahead and made this personal. Thing is, I view friendship as one of the huge blessings bestowed on me, and if I am lucky enough to call you friend, I sure don’t mean it lightly. I take it personal.

Here’s hoping this season, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, you’ve received gifts you hold as dear as I do the ones I’ve been given.

Merry Christmas. And I mean that, friend.